Offers for schools

Makey Makey workshop

Guided tours and exhibition visits

Exhibition visits

School groups of any age are warmly welcomed anytime during opening hours. 

Costs: admission free for students aged 16 and under, secondary schools all-inclusive 90 CHF (including accompanying persons).

Guided tours

We encourage our young visitors to take part in discussions sparked by the exhibition, to share their views on art and to link what they see with their own lives and personal concerns. We take children’s questions very seriously and see our task in supporting them in developing and formulating their own perspectives and individual views.

We are happy to reference current curriculum content in our guided tours and discussions – just let us know your themes in time (two weeks before your visit).

Duration: 1 hour
Costs: school groups: free, higher education: 80 CHF (excl. admission)

Be a Guide

A guided tour—completely self-made! 
The students select a work to investigate and create a presentation about for their classmates. We provide laptops, research material and assistance in the process.

Duration: 2 hours
Sosts: admission free for school groups, higher education: 80 CHF (excl. admission)



Bristle Bot - A Bustling Drawing Robot

This small robot built on the head of a toothbrush dances around tracing fine patterns on paper. We learn how a simple electrical circuit functions while we are building the robot and explore questions of robotics: What is intelligence? How do you program movements? What role does the body play?
The workshop includes an introduction to soldering.

Age: 4th grade and upwards
Duration: 3 hours
Costs: school groups from the cantons BS/BL: 180 CHF
Other schools: 250 CHF 

Makey Makey - totally computer controlled?

It does not always have to be the keyboard or the mouse with which we control computers. With the small Makey Makey controller the students can design their own interactive installations: they design sounding and speaking objects or realise an interactive fitness parcours. In the process, students learn how an electric circuit works, gain insights into block-based programming with the free online software Scratch and work on their own projects. The focus can be chosen together depending on the age and interests of the students.

Age: from primary school
Duration: 3h
Cost: school groups from the cantons BS/BL: 180 CHF
Other school groups: 250 CHF

Intensive workshops and project weeks

We are happy to organise an in-depth workshop or a project week with you on a topic of the exhibition or from the fields of media art and culture.

We have already carried out the following project weeks:

Short film: documentation oder fiction?

Under the motto "documentary or fiction", students create short films that leave you in doubt. For their project they find inspiration for them in the exhibition. With its video projections, screens, installations and robots, the exhibitions provides the perfect backdrop for the shootings of the films.