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Real Feelings

Coralie Vogelaar, A research on emotion recognition software, 2018, courtesy: the artist
Emotions are the core of human experience. The international group exhibition Real Feelings explores the rapidly changing relationship between technology and emotions. The works of the 20 artists presented in the exhibition inquire and show how technology today represents, manipulates and changes our emotions.



Co-Existenz of different forms of life: Interview with Justine Emard

Interview with the artist Justine Emard on the occasion of the exhibition “Real Feelings. Emotion and Technology”, 27.08.2020 – 15.11.2020. #co-existence #interaction


About HeK


HeK (House of Electronic Arts Basel) is the swiss national competence centre that deals with art forms that address and reflect upon new media and technologies. With its focus on interdisciplinary practices, it enables insights for a broad public into art productions of various genres between art, media, and technology.

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