Program for School Groups

Solar Sound Bot Workshop, 2014

Exhibition Visits and Guided Tours

Exhibition Visits

School groups of any age are warmly welcomed anytime during opening hours, if accompanied by at least one member of teaching staff. We gladly support the latter during such visits and can also provide them with useful material for preparation of a visit.

Cost (incl. one staff member): 
For children aged 16 and under: free
School groups: free
Higher education groups: 90 CHF

Registrationemail, Tel. 061 283 60 51

Guided Tours of an Exhibition

We encourage our young visitors to take part in discussions sparked by the exhibition, to share their views on art and to link what they see with their own lives and private concerns. We take schoolchildren’s individual questions very seriously and believe that our task is to support them in formulating their own personal viewpoints.

Duration: 1h
Cost (incl. one staff member):
School groups: free
Higher education: 80 CHF (ecxl. admission)

Registrationemail, Tel. 061 283 60 51

We are happy to reference current curriculum content in our guided tours and discussions—just let us know your themes of choice, at least two weeks before your visit.


The fee for our workshops always includes admission to the current exhibition. The workshops are generally held in our studios at HeK, but we are also willing to come to you in the classroom, if it is more convenient. 

Workshop languages: German, English
Number of schoolchildren: Max. 25

Workshops Eco-Visionaries

Sensing HeK – Sinnliche Erfahrungen medial umsetzen

Wie hören sich Moos, ein Wald im Wallis oder das Wachsen von Pflanzen an? Was passiert, wenn man Laub atmen lässt? In diesem Workshop lernen wir spielerisch unsere Sinne zu schärfen und damit unsere Umwelt näher zu erforschen. Die gemachten Erfahrungen setzen wir audiovisuell mit unseren eigenen Smartphones um und tauschen uns über unsere Sinneseindrücke und deren Übersetzungen aus. 

Alter: ab 6. Klasse
Dauer: 2,5-3h
KostenSchulklassen BS/BL 150 CHF, sonstige Schulklassen 250 CHF
Anmeldungemail, Tel. 061 283 60 51

Seed Bombs – für Guerilla-Gardening

Wer bestimmt, was wo wächst? Der Science Fiction Film Pumzi von Wanuri Kahiu erzählt die Geschichte einer jungen Frau im Afrika der Zukunft, in dem es kein Wasser und kein freies Leben mehr gibt. Die junge Frau besitzt Samen und kämpft darum, diese in die zerstörte Erde setzen zu können. In Anlehnung an den Film Pumzi stellen wir Seed Bombs her – kleine Kugeln aus Erde, Kompost und Lehm, die Blumensamen enthalten – um verwaiste Grundstücke, Verkehrsinseln oder Parkplätze zu bepflanzen.

Alter: ab 4. Klasse
Dauer: 1,5h
KostenSchulklassen BS/BL 100 CHF, sonstige Schulklassen 200 CHF
Anmeldungemail, Tel. 061 283 60 51

Makey Makey

DIY beginners with introduction to programming

It does not always have to be the keyboard or the mouse with which we control computers. With the small Makey Makey we can design our own interactive installation: eg. a fruit piano or an interactive staircase. Beginners gaining first insight into programming and more experienced people can work out a small project.

Age: suitable for all ages
Duration: 3h until project week
CostSchool groups from Cantons BS/BL 150 CHF+ 30 CHF materials fee per group
Other school groups: 250 CHF plus 30 CHF materials fee per group

Registration: email, Tel. 061 283 60 51

Be A Guide!

Shortworkshop to current exhibition
What is it about in this exhibition? Together we work out the exhibition concept and discuss fundamental questions. The pupils then select a work, research it and present it to their colleagues. A guide - completely self-made.

Age: 7nd grade and upwards
Duration: 2h or more
CostSchool groups from Cantons BS/BL 150 CHF
Other school groups: 250 CHF 

Registration: email, Tel. 061 283 60 51

Produce An Exhibition Guide

Workshop on the current exhibition

The encounter with art always triggers something: questions, feelings, thoughts and other questions go through our heads.

After a brief introduction to the theme of the exhibition, the students get their first impulses from the encounter with the works and deepen them in the group. From the discussion the students produce a small video related to a work by choice, in form of a discussion, staging, interpretation or even of a performance.

Alter: 7rd grade and upwards
Duration: 3h, up to a project week
CostSchool groups from Cantons BS/BL 150 CHF
Other school groups: 250 CHF

Registrationemail, Tel. 061 283 60 51

Solar Sound Bot

DIY-Electronics Workshop

Insect cries and birdsong have fascinated human beings since time immemorial. The first “singing devices” were created way back in antiquity.

We are building a simple electronic machine that can produce animal sounds. We learn about an electronic circuit and its components, and get an insight into programming.

: 5th grade and upwards (for schoolchildren as well as young people in vocational training)
Duration: 3h or more
Cost: School groups from Cantons BS/BL: 150 CHF + 15 CHF materials fee p.p. Other school groups: 250 CHF + 15 CHF materials fee per person 
Registration: email, Tel. 061 283 60 51

Bristle Bot

DIY electronics workshop

This small robot moves nimble on a toothbrush head leaving behind fine patterns and traces. We get to know a simple circuit while we are building the robot and we also deal with questions of robotics: What is intelligence, how do you program movements and what role does the body play?
With an introduction to soldering.

Age: 4th grade and upwards
Duration: 3h
CostsSchool groups from Cantons BS/BL 150 CHF
Other school groups: 250 CHF 
Registrationemail, Tel. 061 283 60 51