Program for School Groups

Solar Sound Bot Workshop, 2014

Exhibition Visits and Guided Tours

Exhibition Visits

School groups of any age are warmly welcomed anytime during opening hours, if accompanied by at least one member of teaching staff. We gladly support the latter during such visits and can also provide them with useful material for preparation of a visit.

Cost (incl. one staff member): 
For children aged 16 and under: free
School groups: free
Higher education groups: 90 CHF

Registrationemail, Tel. 061 283 60 51

Guided Tours of an Exhibition

We encourage our young visitors to take part in discussions sparked by the exhibition, to share their views on art and to link what they see with their own lives and private concerns. We take schoolchildren’s individual questions very seriously and believe that our task is to support them in formulating their own personal viewpoints.

Duration: 1h
Cost (incl. one staff member):
School groups: free
Higher education: 80 CHF (ecxl. admission)

Registrationemail, Tel. 061 283 60 51

We are happy to reference current curriculum content in our guided tours and discussions—just let us know your themes of choice, at least two weeks before your visit.


The fee for our workshops always includes admission to the current exhibition. The workshops are generally held in our studios at HeK, but we are also willing to come to you in the classroom, if it is more convenient. 

Workshop languages: German, English
Number of schoolchildren: Max. 25

The Drawing Robot

DIY Electronics, without soldering

Robots are fascinating creatures that can move around independently and do all kinds of stuff. But what exactly is a robot? Why does it do what it does? And what very simple means can we use to influence its behavior?
Here, we build a simple, small robot that has felt-tip feet. So when it runs around on a sheet of paper it draws wonderful pictures. This brings up a few interesting questions about robotics: what is intelligence, how can behavior be programmed, and what role does the body thereby play?
The simplest version of the workshop does not involve soldering and is therefore suitable even for small hands.

Age1st to 4th grade
The workshop can be adapted to the needs of older children, if required. It then does include an introduction to soldering.

Duration: 2h or more
School groups from Cantons BS/BL free + 15 CHF materials fee p.p.
Other school groups: 150 CHF plus 15 CHF materials fee per person

Registration: email, Tel. 061 283 60 51

Produce An Exhibition Guide

The workshop focus is always the current exhibition

Schoolchildren discuss an artwork of their own choice then make a short video- or audio-guide about it. The aim here is to take a close look at media art in all its facets: what feelings does it trigger in us, what thoughts does it prompt and how might we put these into words? In addition, we use simple recording, cutting and editing techniques to produce personal exhibition guides that will also help other young visitors gain deeper insights into the exhibition.

Alter: 3rd grade and upwards
Duration: 3h
School groups from Cantons BS/BL free
Other school groups: 150 CHF

Registrationemail, Tel. 061 283 60 51

Solar Sound Bot

DIY-Electronics Workshop

Insect cries and birdsong have fascinated human beings since time immemorial. The first “singing devices” were created way back in antiquity. We too want to recreate in this workshop the sounds made by insects and birds. To this end we will build (solder) simple electronic devices that can reproduce them. These “singing devices”—we call them Sound-Bots—are powered by solar cell and can therefore be used anywhere. Install them in your house or garden, and see how the artificial sounds of insects and birds effect the natural environment!

Age: 5th grade and upwards (for schoolchildren as well as young people in vocational training)
Duration: 3h or more
School groups from Cantons BS/BL free + 15 CHF materials fee p.p.
Other school groups: 150 CHF + 15 CHF materials fee per person 

Registration: email, Tel. 061 283 60 51