Protection concept

The safety of visitors and employees is our top priority. To ensure their protection, the HeK (Haus der elektronischen Künste Basel) has developed a comprehensive protection concept that implements the Covid-19 directives of the Federal Council and recommendations of the Culture Department (BS) and Baselland and regulates visits to the museum. This includes:


Visitors should, if possible, obtain a ticket online in advance. On site we prefer payment by card.

Hygiene and cleaning

Upon entering the museum, visitors disinfect their hands or wash them with soap and water in the toilets on the ground floor. Employees do the same and repeat this before and after each break. Doors are left open. Checkroom, lockers and upholstered furniture are partially locked and cleaned regularly. 
In all rooms of HeK, including the office, there is a general obligation to wear a mask from the moment you enter the building. Masks must also be worn by employees who were previously adequately protected by a plexiglass screen. If required, masks can be purchased at the cash desk for CHF 1. Disposable masks are available to employees and artists free of charge. Exceptions are made for children under 12 years of age, performing artists and those who are exempt from the mask requirement by medical certificate.
You will receive your personal hall sheet at the box office. Additional cleaning and hygiene measures are provided for the entire museum infrastructure. This includes cleaning intervals for seating, door handles, counter area and restrooms. Sneeze or cough into the crook of your arm.

Keeping distance and maximum number of people

The checkout is separated from the customers by plexiglass. A minimum distance of 1.5 meters applies in the entire house. Only children before their 12th birthday are exempt from the distance rule between each other. There are distance markings on the floor in front of the cash register and for waiting lines.
The number of persons (visitors and employees) in the museum is limited to 40 persons in the exhibition room and to 3 or 5 persons in the video boxes (with additional notice). Furthermore, a maximum of 19 people are allowed in the event room (basement) and a maximum of 5 people in the workshop room (ground floor) at the same time. The limitation will be monitored at the entrance, if necessary the access will be temporarily prohibited. School classes and groups with children and adolescents (born 2001 and younger) are excluded from the respective maximum person capacity per room.