knowbotic research, minds of concern (New York Version), 2002

minds of concern (New York version), knowbotic research

Minds of concern, a project originally conceived as an exhibition for the New Museum, New York, 2002, consists of an installation and a Net-based work. Using the Web interface of the Public Domain Scanner, visitors to the exhibition can select from certain groups on the project Website, such as movements or NGOs like Oxfam, the Freedom from Debt Coalition and COSATU, or media activists and artists who express critical views of global activities of the Internet community. 

Jan Voellmy, Schnur, 2008, installation view

Schnur, Jan Voellmy

With Schnur [string], his interactive installation, Basel artist Jan Voellmy transforms sound into playful movement. The projection of a piece of string stuck on a wall with red tape channels the sounds of visitors via a microphone, causing a dancing movement in the string, which otherwise swings back and forth gently to the background noise of visitors.