Jürg Lehni, Flood Fill – Verbs, 2016

Flood Fill – Verbs, Jürg Lehni

Jürg Lehni uses the Flood Fill algorithm that he already modified and further developed for his 2003 work Flood Fill – Global Warning to visualize verbs from Richard Serra’s Verb List of 1967-68. On two pieces of paper, which are now part of the collection of MoMA in New York, Serra listed 84 verbs and 24 contexts in which the verbs could be found. Based on his famous slogan “Drawing is a verb”, Serra saw the list as a stock of actions related to oneself and to the material, location and process of art.

Jürg Lehni / Guy Meldem, Flood Fill – Global Warning, 2003

Flood Fill – Global Warning, Jürg Lehni / Guy Meldem

With the six video animations that make up Flood Fill – Global Warning, the artists Jürg Lehni and Guy Meldem announce an absurd warning: “Animals & Plants steal our vital energy! Act before it’s too late!” The vital energy is visualized as an empty, geometric net, which a cat, for instance, pulls out of a woman’s brain. 

Laurent Huret, Face Swap (present), 2017, still

Face Swap (present), Lauren Huret

Lauren Huret’s concise video loop Face Swap (present), presented shortly after her work Face Swap (past), offers a mirror for the reflection of how our identities are usurped by our smartphones. Here, instead of seeing the artist at her desk in front of her computer screen, we find her posed with her smartphone in a barren wintery landscape in Utah, with the minimalist concrete bunkers of the NSA Data Center in the background.

Zimoun, 25 Woodworms, Wood, Microphone, Sound System, 2009

25 Woodworms, Wood, Microphone, Sound System, Zimoun

The kinetic-minimalist sound artist Zimoun’s video 25 Woodworms, Wood, Microphone, Sound System (2009) takes the sounds made by live woodworms at work as a starting point for the creation of an atonal, minimalist soundscape.

fabric | ch, Satellite Daylight Pavilion, 2017, screenshot

Satellite Daylight Pavilion, fabric | ch

The two-minute video animations of Satellite Daylight Pavilion (2017) by the Lausanne-based studio for architecture, interaction and research fabric | ch encompass four views of a virtual, interactive teahouse designed for Kensington Gardens in London.

Lauren Huret, Face Swap (past), 2016, screenshot

Face Swap (past), Lauren Huret

In her works, Lauren Huret takes on such issues as the impact of artificial intelligence. On her Website she only shares a disclaimer with users, since – as she writes – she’s quite mistrustful of the WWW.