Share – Medientechnologie und Kulturvermittlung

Christoph Merian Verlag, 2018

Since the revelations of the American whistle blower Edward Snowden and the scandal surrounding the sharing of Facebook data, awareness of the power of media technologies has increased. Since its foundation in 2011, HeK has been a pioneer in the field of mediating media art and cultures. In Share - Medientechnologie und Kulturvermittlung Sabine Himmelsbach and Shusha Niederberger bring together contributions discussing the challenges of digital art and cultural mediation. In addition to a comprehensive insight into the mediation activities of HeK, the book offers theoretical, conceptual and historical insights into the field of research and sheds light on current developments from an international perspective.

This book is in German.

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Eco-Visionaires: Art, Architecture and New Media After the Anthropocene

Hatje Cantz, 2018
Pedro Gadahno (Ed.)

Eco-Visionaries presents contemporary positions in art and architecture seeking answers to current environmental problems that transcend mainstream notions of sustainability. This comprehensive volume is a companion to the collaborative 2018 exhibition endeavoured by four participating European museums; Museu de Arte, Arquitetura e Tecnologia, Lisbon, Portugal, Bildmuseet, Umea, Sweden, LABoral Centro de Arte y Creacion Industrial, Gijon, Spain and HeK. Each show maintains a different focus and curatorial approach and for each, artists investigate alternative visions regarding humankind’s place on earth through video and sound works, paintings and installations. While the series of exhibitions presents the works of artists and architects who offer critical reflections on pressing contemporary issues, the book unites research, essays, as well as a survey of the artworks. Besides the historical antecedents of current ecological thinking in the fields of art and design, this catalogue also promotes current approaches that represent alternative visions for future uses of energy, resources, and the environment.

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How to Play Eddo Stern

Link Editions & HeK, 2017

Part game manual, part catalogue, part archive, How to Play Eddo Stern revolves around a body of 17 works made by Stern along the last two decades which, although developed with different media, can be understood as “games”. The book collects the massive amount of small bits and pieces that make up the folders of Stern’s game projects: 3D models, texture maps and atlases, backdrops, animation frame sequences, code snippets, circuit diagrams, as well as emails, design documents, meeting notes, and installation diagrams. Most of the visual digital artifacts such as the models and textures when processed through the game software or built into an analog game become coherent visual forms, but in their unassembled, out-of-context form these fragments and artifacts maintain visual beauty and poetic truth.

Featuring an essay by Matteo Bittanti, the book has been edited by Domenico Quaranta, designed by Fabio Paris, and co-published by the Link Art Center, Brescia and HeK.

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Die ungerahmte Welt / The Unframed World

HeK (Haus der elektronischen Künste Basel)
Sabine Himmelsbach (Hg.)

The latest virtual-reality technologies are asserting themselves currently in the domain of the fine arts and facilitating an immersion in artificial worlds. Virtual reality is used not only to explore aes-thetic potential, but also as a critical medium for reflecting on the existential state of today’s life-world. The works presented in this publication deal with multifaceted themes, such as physical per-ception and physical laws, societal structures as well as architecture and poetry.

The essays present the works from different research perspectives, thus enabling a broad overview of current trends in a media art based on virtual reality technologies.

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Liminal Laws

HeK (Maison des Arts Electroniques de Bâle)
Mu Artspace

Ce livre a été publié à l’occasion de l’exposition «Liminal Laws» de l'artiste américaine Addie Wagenknecht. Avec des textes de Domenico Quaranta, Claire Evans, Regine Debatty et Gabriella Coleman. Photos de l'exposition à MU et d'autres œuvres de Addie Wagenknecht.

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My Boyfriend Came Back From The War
online since 1996

HeK (Haus der elektronischen Künste Basel)
Merz Akademie Stuttgart
Olia Lialina, Sabine Himmelsbach (Hg.)

L’innovatrice œuvre de Net.Art, ‘My Boyfriend Came Back From The War (MBCBFTW)’ par l’artiste russe Olia Lialina fête ses 20 ans d’existence. Les nombreuses appropriations et les remixes qui ont émergé de cette œuvre au cours des 20 dernières années témoignent de son importance historique en tant que narrative interactive en ligne et comme œuvre de Net.Art.

La publication présente l’original ainsi que 13 versions qui en sont découlées, par des artistes tels que Jodi, Gragan Espenschied, Entropy8Zuper, Ignacio Nieto et Guthrie Lonergan. Ainsi couvre-t-elle 20 ans de pratique artistique sur internet. Elle contient par ailleurs de nombreuses illustrations et essais par Michael Connor, Roman Leibov, Joanne McNeil et Bruce Sterling. 

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Poetics and Politics of Data
Ambivalenz des Lebens in der Datengesellschaft

HeK (Haus der elektronischen Künste Basel)
Sabine Himmelsbach, Claudia Mareis (Hg.)
Christoph Merian Verlag, Basel

'Poetics and Politics of Data' relève ce qu’implique notre existence dans un monde contrôlé par les données et présente des œuvres cherchant à rendre les flux d’information visibles, qu’il s’agisse d’installations en ligne ou de visualisations graphiques de données. Les artistes en question s’interrogent sur l’importance et la place de l’individu dans une société connectée par les technologies, et au sein de laquelle chacun d’entre nous génère un nombre de données dépassant presque les limites de l’entendement : nos moindres mouvements sur internet laissent leur trace. Dans leurs essais analytiques, Orit Halpern, Sabine Himmelsbach, Lev Manovich, Claudia Mareis, Ramón Reichert et Roberto Simanowski explorent les phénomènes du ‘Big Data’ et du ‘Data Mining’ et questionnent les aspects clés relatifs à l’ambivalence de la vie dans un monde ‘dataifié’.

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digital art conservation
Conservation de l’art numérique: théorie et pratique

Bernhard Serexhe (Hg.)

Are you born digital? Telle sera la question clé de notre avenir, quand il s’agira de conserver et de rendre accessible l’art de notre temps. La publication ci-jointe présente les résultats du projet de recherche digital art conservation qui a été créé en 2010 au ZKM I Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe et qui a pour but de faire avancer le discours international sur la conservation de l’art numérique. Elle contient des contributions textuelles ainsi que des études de cas par de fameux théoriciens des médias, de restaurateurs, de programmateurs et d’artistes. Elle comprend, entre autres, des textes par Edmond Couchot, Alain Depocas, Johannes Gfeller, Sabine Himmelsbach, Anne Laforet, Aymeric Mansoux, Antoni Muntadas, Jussi Parikka, Bernhard Serexhe, Siegfried Zielinski.

Prix: 40 CHF (frais de transport non-inclus)