knowbotic research, minds of concern (New York Version), 2002, screenshot.

We=Link: Sideways

We=Link, the new platform for net-based art, prestents with »We=Link: Sideways« its second exhibition.


21.11.2020 08.05.2021

knowbotic research, minds of concern (New York Version), 2002.

Back in spring 2020, the HeK cooperated with Chronus Art Center and other international partners to jointly develop the online exhibition We=Link: Ten Easy Pieces. We=Link has since become a new platform for presenting art online. With We=Link: Sideways, a further exhibition with a focus on net-based art is launched. The exhibition examines the most current forms of online art and at the same time shows its historical, intellectual and artistic roots. The HeK is represented with two works from its collection - Minds of Concern (2002) by the artists' group Knowbotic Research and TraceNoizer - Disinformation on Demand (2001) by the artists' group LAN. Both historical works demonstrate how the internet has changed and how artists have always been critical of its structures.

This exhibition takes the purported net art’s “dead end” as a new starting point to chart a discursive trajectory of the practices since then, in the many manifestations of network-based art. Instead of prescribing it a categorical definition, the exhibition attempts to uncover the variegated developments, diverse strategies, critical positions and aesthetic experiments after the crash of the dot.com bubble, amidst the prevalence of neoliberalism and cognitive capitalism, and the rise of populism and nationalism. Sideways reveals the continuum of the Avant-garde “nettitudes” inherent in the works of these net artists.

We=Link: Sideways is an exhibition by Chronus Art Center (CAC) in collaboration with HeK (Haus der elektronischen Künste Basel), CAFA Art Museum, artport | Whitney Museum of American Art, V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media, Ars at CERN (Geneva), Elektra (Montreal), Leonardo/ISAST (International), Nam June Paik Art Center (Seoul), Copenhagen Contemporary (Copenhagen), Light Art Space (Berlin)  and ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medien, Karlsruhe.

Curator: ZHANG Ga

Artists: Wafaa Bilal, CHEN Pengpeng, Jonah Bruoker-Cohen, Matthieu Cherubini, Paolo Cirio,  Leon Eckert, Ursula Endlicher, exonemo, Hervé Graumann, GUO Cheng, Vytas Jankauskas, Knowbotic Research, LAN, LIANG Yuhong, LIU Xing, Junas Lund, Lauren Lee McCarthy, Kyle McDonald, Haroon Mirza, Everest Pipkin, Cornelia Sollfrank, Wolfgang Staehle, Ubermorgen, Maciej Wisniewski, XU Haomin, ZHAO Hua and ZHOU Peng’an

We=Link: Sideways