Clara Escalera, Hyperstition: Virtual Roots, 2019

Opening: Making FASHION Sense

At 6 pm Karinna Nobbs will open the evening with a lecture on fashion and technology. From 7 pm the curators of the exhibition, Sabine Himmelsbach and Katharina Sand, will give a short introduction about the exhibition Making FASHION Sense.


Wed, 15.01.2020, 18:00

liens: https://vimeo.com/386718205


Exhibition period: 16.01. - 08.03.2020

Concept store by Karinna Nobbs, illustration by Miguel Cellabos

The exhibition Making FASHION Sense deals with the fundamental transformation of the fashion industry through technology, ranging from new creative processes to experimentations exploring sustainability: fashion that makes sense.

The independent futurologist and academic Karinna Nobbs talks about future awareness, the digitalisation of the economy, our lifestyle and above all our relationship to fashion. The director Sabine Himmelsbach and co-curator Katharina Sand will introduce to the exhibition. The public is cordially invited to see the exhibition and an aperitif.

Artists and designers: Alfatih, Salome Asega, Robbie Barrat, Biobabes, Hussein Chalayan, Carole Collet, Clara Daguin, Charleen Elberskirch, Clara Escalera, Ying Gao, Christophe Guberan, Adam Harvey, Jun Kamei, Kazuya Kawasaki, Flora Miranda, Yuima Nakazato, Freya Probst, Ling Tan, TheKnitGeekResearch, Giulia Tomasello, Iris van Herpen

Curators: Sabine Himmelsbach and Katharina Sand

Schedule: 18.00 Lecture by Karinna Nobbs, 19.00 Welcome by Sabine Himmelsbach & Katharina Sand, followed by aperitif and opening of the exhibition

Opening: Making FASHION Sense


The exhibition and the surrounding programme are supported by: