Portrait on the Fly

Portrait on the Fly

In the interactive installation "Portrait on the Fly" you will be a portrait of a virtual swarm of flies.


20.01.2016 06.03.2016

Entrée: free admission

(c) Portrait on the Fly, 2015, Laurent Mignonneau et Christa Sommerer

Portrait on the Fly (Interactive Version) is composed of an interactive monitor that shows a swarm of ten thousand flies. When a person positions himself in front of it, the insects try to detect his facial features. They then begin to arrange themselves so as to reproduce them, thereby creating a recognizable likeness of the individual. Posing in front of the monitor attracts the flies. Within seconds they invade the face, but even the slightest movement of the head or of parts of the face drives them off. The portraits are thus in constant flux, they construct and deconstruct. Portrait on the Fly is a commentary on our love for making pictures of ourselves (Selfie-Culture), it has to do with change, transience and impermanence. 

For 25 years, Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignonneau’s work has focused on the boundaries between art and science. Their early works featuring interactive arts are influenced by the modeling of artificial life, genetic algorithms, complex systems and research linked to the interaction between humans and machines.

Portrait on the Fly



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