Girls & Boys, SWE 2016, film still

Porny Screening @ HeK

The Zurich Film and Art Festival Porny Days presents a selection of the best and hottest short films from last year's festival edition.

événement/projection de film

Wed, 21.03.2018, 20:00

Entrée: free

liens: https://www.pornydays.ch

As part of the exhibition "Future Love", the Zurich Film and Art Festival Porny Days is showing the winning film of last years festival "The 36-Years Old Virgin" by Skyler Braeden Fox (doc.), as well as the all-time favorite of the festival Girls & Boys by Ninja Thyberg (fict.). In between there are three short surprise movies of the genres Animation, Fetish and Experimental. The festival director of Porny Days, Talaya Schmid, will introduce the evening. After the projection, she will lead a short public discussion with the film director Skyler Braeden Fox.

Girls & Boys
Ninja Thyberg, SWE 2016, Fiction, 30 min, English subtitles

The colourful high school comedy Girls & Boys plays in a world where gender roles are reversed. Nour and Gry are two pointy geeks whose primary desire is to lose their virginity. When Nour hears that Valentin, the hottest boy in school, goes to Lo's party to find a new flame, she sees the chance of her life. But how are the two geeks invited to the party? Girls & Boys is about the first encounter with the opposite sex, but it is also a film about betrayal, friendship and the desire to adapt. 

The 36-Years Old Virgin
Skyler Braeden Fox, DE 2017, Doc, 30 min, Ov/e

A sweet coming-of-middle-age sex documentary. From a faithful and celibate teeny to a post-ten lesbian, Skyler, who is now transmasculin, feels that in his youth he has missed something, allegedly very exciting....

Trailer Girls & Boys, Ninja Thyberg, SWE 2016

Trailer Porny Days 2016

Porny Screening @ HeK



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