Brood Ma

Noise Gate: Quantum Natives Label Night with Dane Law, Brood Ma, Rosen and x/o

Part of the Quantum Natives label and collective, Dane Law, Brood Ma, Rosen and x/o bring to HeK their open-ended explorations into electronic music, merging samples, remixes and digital noise with protean net-based visuals and interactive hyper-narratives.


Fri, 09.02.2018, 20:00

Dane Law is a persona and patch forged in the parallel utopias of rave culture and open-source software development. Their first release  "United in Dance" was a shimmering abstract meditation on the stasis in momentum and the crystallization of moments in time and culture, performed and composed on a Pure Data patch that was released alongside the album on Quantum Natives. Subsequent releases have reassembled the works of Celine Dion and William Orbit, the latter glimpsed on Czech label Genot Centre’s “r.bit”, exploring the strain of a euphoria extended.

Brood Ma is the musical alias of artist James B Stringer, co-founder of Quantum Natives, and Werkflow, a games engine focused, digital arts studio. Brood Ma is a fractured, cybergothic nexus of tropes from weird literature, dystopian rave and high technology, presented in longform performances and recordings that resemble crisis scenarios as much as electronic mixes. The music tends to be oppressively psychedelic, evoking fourth-world entropy, embattled tax-havens, and the aesthetics of simulated combat. As well as a number of digital musical and visual releases on Quantum Natives, Brood Ma has released on labels such as Tri Angle records, Hemlock and Mantile records.

Rachael Rosen Ltd Ed. is a transmedia artist from the UK who makes use of sound environments and possible play spaces to explore the fissure between author/reader and online/offline environments. Rosen is known for her atmospheric live sound collage, as well as her ongoing project pOrtals, a world-building and storytelling exercise, which began in 2014 and has included collaborative output with Quantum Natives and Werkflow. She presents HYPHEN, a monthly one-hour radio show of sound and commentary exploring the grey matter between games-music-art-literature for CAMP, a residency programme and online radio initiated by the founders of FUSE Arts Space, Bradford.

x/o is a Vietnamese-Canadian multidisciplinary artist whose music floats between contrasting fields of delicate soundscapes and distorted percussive detail, a juxtapositioning which extends into her artistic practice through visual and conceptual layering of ideas and textures. Also a founding member and resident DJ of the Vancouver-based new music series s.M.i.L.e., x/o has released mixes for Bala Club, SISTER, and The Astral Plane. Additionally, she has contributed remixes for labels PTP, Quantum Natives and Eternal Dragonz and has played festivals and art exhibitions internationally including New Forms Festival and tmrw.prty Beijing. She has also taught at Intersessions – a DJ workshop for womxn, gender non-conforming, and queer folx.

Note: The exhibition "Future Love" is open until 8 pm on this day.

Dane Law - United in Dance


Noise Gate: Quantum Natives Label Night with Dane Law, Brood Ma, Rosen and x/o


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