Till Langschied, Tumaroh’s G-I-F Oracle, 2021

Net Encounters – Till Langschied, Graphics-Incantation-Formats

For Net Encounters, Till Langschieds' performance avatar Till Tumaroh invites us to see the internet as a magically charged world full of its own stories and myths.

événement/Net Encounters

01.02.2021 28.02.2021

Portrait Till Tumaroh

Statement by Till Langschied:

«Traveling digitally and through different times, Tumaroh discovers the «Graphics-Incantation-Formats» - G-I-F for short - in the early days of the internet. These gif animations, according to Tumaroh, harbour a secret power when the Internet user obtains the gif that is right for them and saves it on their computer.»

To enable Net Encounter visitors to obtain their appropriate gif from one of the eight «Graphics-Incantation-Formats», Tumaroh programmed a Selecter AR app that can be accessed via Instagram or Facebook. After tapping on the starting graphic, visitors are assigned a gif. This process can be documented within Instagram and Facebook as a video or photo. Afterwards, visitors can send photos or video recordings from the app to the artist or to HeK Basel via Instagram or Facebook, or post a story on the respective platform and tag Till Langschied and HeK Basel in this story. Visitors will then be sent the corresponding gif as an original file and will also receive a digital magazine with more information about the «Graphics-Incantation-Formats«, in which the history of the discovery and the magic of the files is described and illustrated in pictures. In addition, Tumaroh will perform online and will assign a gif live to visitors of the performance and answer questions about the myths of the internet.

Till Langschied is a German-born visual artist who lives in Basel, Switzerland, and works in a variety of media. Originally from Frankfurt a.M., he studied at the AMD Düsseldorf and under Chus Martinez at the Institut Kunst HGK in Basel where he graduated with a degree in Fine Arts in 2019. Langschied's artistic research focusses on the desires and dreams of humanity and on how these are projected onto an «other» - namely technology and nature. His work explores the constantly evolving relationships between virtual and analogue spaces, operating at the boundaries of these realms. He develops many of his works in digital formats and then transforms them into physical objects and installations, in order to question the agency of the virtual. Within his practice he developed the performance character Till Tumaroh, which he uses as an avatar on various levels within his work. Tumaroh's written manifesto was published by Éditions Extensibles, Paris, and performed as a lecture performance at the Librairie du Palais de Tokyo in Paris and the Dampfzentrale in Bern. Langschied's work has been exhibited internationally, including shows at Kunstraum Niederösterreich (Vienna, 2020), Haus der elektronischen Künste Basel (Münchenstein, 2019), Au Lieu (Paris, 2019), Kunstverein Freiburg (Freiburg, 2019) and Binz 39 (Zurich, 2019). In 2020 he was invited for the Lago Mio residency in Lugano, Switzerland, and granted a residency stay in China by Pro Helvetia in 2021.

Net Encounters – Till Langschied, Graphics-Incantation-Formats