Lunch Beat

Lunch Beat

Lunch Beat comes to Basel. Dancing in the lunch break - Your most important Business Lunch.


30.11.2017, 12:00-13:00

Lunch Beat

Raw auto-tune bursts, heavy bass and the cutting edge of an emerging post-local scene are what Phil Battiekh represents. Electro Chaabi or Mahraganat is the rhythm-driven sound from Egypt that’s spreading across dancefloors and festivals worldwide. Notorious for his DJ-performances featured among Fusion Festival, Nyege Nyege Festival (Uganda) and NTS radio, Phil Battiekh has been one of the main forces pushing Egyptian Mahraganat and Bass artists in Europe during the past 4 years.

About Lunch Beat

What began in Stockholm in 2010 has since then spread all over the world - dancing during lunch break. The idea of going to the disco instead of going to the canteen has meanwhile taken place in 55 cities and on all continents and is becoming increasingly popular in Germany. House and dance music are rather unusual during the lunch break, but ideal to clear your head and body. Dancing for an hour, water is free, and there's something light & healthy to eat - of course on the hand. Afterwards it goes back to the office or studio full of energy. It's about having fun and communication in a different way than at the lunch table. Dedicating one hour a day to dancing, movement and music brings soul and spirit into vibration. 


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