HeK offers a full day workshop in Live Coding with the programme SonicPi lead by musician Eric Larrieux.


16.01.2019, 10:00-17:00

Âge: from 16 years

Entrée: CHF 25

Algorave, coded matter(s)#5, Amsterdam 2014

Live Coding is the creation of sounds and music via a programming language in real time. It is above all an international movement with a community in Great Britain and a very active scene in South America.

„We demand access to the performer’s mind, to the whole human instrument“ is the first sentence in Toplab's live coding manifesto. Live Coding is not only about a musical performance, but also about a code performance, which is prominently presented. Live Coding is about playing the computer like an instrument by means of programming. At so-called Algoraves and other Live Coding events, the code, which creates the music and is constantly rewritten during the performance, is always visible. The outcome is open, exchange and experimentation are important and the whole event comes with a certain punk attitude. Since the code is translated into music live, it sometimes crashes, which is not to worry about – in the best case this even produces interesting sounds.

There are diverse programming environments for live coding. SonicPi has been developed for live performances with a special focus on teaching and learning. It provides a good introduction to live coding even for people with little programming knowledge.

The workshop is aimed at musicians and / or coders with an interest in liveness and a sense for nerding. No previous training necessary! Please bring along your laptop and headphones. If needed we can provide loan devices, please contact

About the course instructor: Eric Larrieux is a US-American musician and electrical engineer, who is currently studying Electroacoustic Composition at ZHDK in Zurich. In addition to composing, he is interested in physical computing, music software development and working with motion capturing systems.




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