Internet Yami-Ichi in Brüssel

Internet Yami-Ichi

After an idea by the Japanese artist collective IDPW, products and services of the Internet are sold in real life at a flea market.


22.04.2017, 14:00-17:30

The Internet Yami-Ichi (Internet Black Market) is a free-to-attend flea market where people gather and exchange “Internet-ish” things in real life. Originating in Tokyo, the Internet Yami-Ichi was founded by artist duo Exonemo and their online art collective IDPW and has traveled to over ten cities including Berlin, Moscow, and Seoul. This April, the Internet Yami-Ichi will finally come to Switzerland, to one of the leading institutions of electronic art, the HeK in Basel/Bâle.

On previous markets, you could buy glitch-embroidered clothing, an internet addiction clinic, Snowden snow globes, handwritten spam mail letters, 3D printed Nintendo game reward rings, a live YouCube (YouTube-like juke box), used passwords etc.

Sell your own products: Instructions for participation and application form on wiki-yamiichi.hek.ch
Application deadline: 18. April 2017
Informations: Jana Honegger, yamiichi[at]hek.ch

Internet Yami-Ichi


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