Lauren Huret, Face Swap (past), 2016, screenshot

HeK Net Works - Lauren Huret, "Kimye's feed" (2020)

Every Tuesday, HeK shows a net-based project created especially for our digital series HeK Net Works. Here comes No. 7! This week we would like to introduce you to Lauren Huret.


Tue, 12.05.2020, 12:00

lieu: https://www.instagram.com/hek_basel/

Entrée: free

Lauren Huret, "Kimye’s feed" (2020)

Lauren Huret's work examines systems of belief produced by the media, particularly social networks, over our habits and behaviours. The artist makes intelligent use of available creative tools, including the possibility of producing images and videos enriched with graphic elements such as smileys, icons and text. For the HeK Net Works series, Huret will create stories on Instagram for one week, directly drawing and re-using content posted by celebrities - in particular the Kardashian-West-Jenner family - who have an impressive number of followers and therefore accompany and define the daily lives of millions of people.

Statement by Lauren Huret about her work "Kimye’s feed" (2020):

"For years, I have been fascinated by the complete creation of public, staged self-fiction, and the private sphere of celebrities, through the use of new technologies and social networks. This total iconic production, highly mediatised, is for me completely embodied in the figure of the Kardashian-West-Jenner. They produce a new economy and new media rituals, and they generate a common imaginary that seems both near and far thanks to social networks (and convey sometimes problematic values). This week, by investing the HeK Instagram account, I decided to post stories prepared, tinkered with, recomposed, and made entirely from the material posted on Instagram by the Kardashian-West-Jenner. Like painters depicting a landscape before their eyes, I will compose these shots using only image editing applications installed on my phone and tools set up by social networks to make images. A sort of research journal, the stories created this week may be an opportunity to rethink the worship, influence and imagery developed by stars as new religious and political icons."

HeK Net Works - Lauren Huret, "Kimye's feed" (2020)