Cécile B. Evans, How happy a Thing can be, 2014, Still from HD video, 09:30 min, Courtesy: the artist

Guided Tour with Curator Sabine Himmelsbach

Discover the exhibition Real Feelings. Emotions and technology during a guided tour with curator Sabine Himmelsbach.

médiation/tour guidée

08.10.2020, 18:00-19:00

lieu: HeK

Entrée: im Ausstellungseintritt inbegriffen

Stine Deja & Marie Munk, Synthetic Seduction, 2018, installation view: Annka Kultys Gallery, London, 2018, Photo by Damien Griffiths

The works of the 20 artists in the international group exhibition Real Feelings. Emotions and Technology explores how today's technologies can represent, process and manipulate our feelings. Emotions are the core of human experience. They influence our everyday life and shape our social interaction. In the 21st century, technologies are being used to recognise and evaluate emotions in a way that has never been possible before. The exhibition presents works ranging from artificial intelligence, interactive installations, robotics and biometrics to gaming, video installations, virtual reality and photography.

The guided tour with the curator and director of the HeK Sabine Himmelsbach, offers the opportunity to gain an intensive insight into the concept and the works of the exhibition and to learn more about the artistic and curatorial decisions.

Guided Tour with Curator Sabine Himmelsbach