Dirk Koy, ground, 2018

Guided tour with curator Boris Magrini

Come by and discover the exhibition of Regionale 20 "Avatars, Doppelgangers and Allegorical Landscapes" with curator Boris Magrini.

événement/tour guidée

28.11.2019, 18:00-19:00

Entrée: included in entrance ticket

Inscription: no registration necessary

Boris Magrini, curator

As part of Regionale, a format promoting contemporary art from Switzerland, Germany and France, HeK presents a selection of artists, who examine our multiplied identities in the digital age. Curator Boris Magrini will give a guided tour through the exhibition "Avatars, Doppelgangers and Allegorical Landscapes".

The doppelganger is a fantastic figure in literature, that recurringly emerges as a premonition of events yet to unfold, often with dramatic outcomes. This imaginary character has survived to this day and has evolved into numerous modern variations. Our interconnected culture encourages the proliferation of multiple digital identities of ourselves, from social media accounts to imaginary characters in video games and other private platforms for online chat and meetings. We are creating avatars to live beyond our physical boundaries, and these avatars shape us in return, influencing our identity and our social relationships. Not only the separation between private and public life is being blurred, also the different spheres of social construct are being multiplied.

The tour will be held in German, if necessary in English.

The guided tour is included in the entrance fee.


Guided tour with curator Boris Magrini