DIY Breath-Pulse-Sound-Picture Machine

How can your heartbeat and breath be transformed to sounds and images?


19.01.2018, 18:00-22:00

Âge: From 8 years (children up to 10 years accompanied by an adult)

Entrée: Museumsnight ticket (available at HeK)

Inscription: No registration. The seats will be allocated on the spot, just come in


At the Museums Night the signals of our body become sounds and images with the self-made machine. We use a small electronic circuit to assemble it ourselves. It measures the resistance of different body functions such as breath and pulse. This data is then converted into a oscillation via a small chip, which translates it to the sound that we can hear and can also be observed visually via an oscilloscope.

With the home-made circuitry, all bodies become one sound source - how does your cat sound? How do you sound when you're tired? Or excited? 

In cooperation with the SGMK (Swiss Society for Mechatronic Art).

DIY Breath-Pulse-Sound-Picture Machine



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