Olga Goriunova

Talk by Olga Goriunova

Next few years of art and commons: on idiosyncratic learners and radical lurkers


jeu., 19.10.2017, 18:30

Entrée: free

liens: http://creatingcommons.zhdk.ch/

Cultural theorist, philosopher and curator Olga Goriunova focusses in her talk on the radical differences between the first 15 years of the World Wide Web (1990 -2005) and the next 15. To speak about artist-run platfoms (such as the hub for software art, runme.org) and other experimental projects thriving in these first 15 years, I developed the term "organisational aesthetics", which was concerned with specific forms of artistic and cultural movements within technological networks.

Typical for such projects was that they incorporate many different, flexible roles through which they are developed and maintained, and which provide models of contribution and use. These roles reflect a specific form of knowledge, and they coalesce around certain figures: learners and lurkers, to start with. (The term lurker comes from online forum culture and stands for a kind of participation, where the lurker is part of the forum, but not actively contributing to. The lurker is a reader who could, but chooses not to, write.) With time, the classical knowledge of the learner gave way to the local knowledge of the lurker. 

Now, the question is, what kind of knowledge - and with it: what kind of technology - will be created and sustained in the next 15 years? Are projects of at the interesection of the art and commons (that is, freely available resources produced and maintained by a community) developing new figures and with them, new infrastructural aesthetics?

Dr. Olga Goriunova (1977, Ulan-Ude, UdSSR) is a cultural theorist, philosopher and curator with a focus on digital art and culture. She is Reader and Director of Graduate Research at Royal Holloway University London.

The talk takes place as part of the collaboration of HeK with the research project "Creating Commons", Institute for Contemporary Art Research (IFCAR), Zurich University of the Arts (ZHDK). The research project "Creating Commons" investigates exemplary projects which develop, as symbolic artistic works as well as operative infrastructures, new models for free access and use of cultural resources.

The event is held in english.

Talk by Olga Goriunova



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