!Mediengruppe Bitnik, Omsk Social Club, Knoth & Renner, Cryptorave #10, 2019

Cryptorave Workshop

Prior to the tenth participative dance party Cryptorave by !Mediengruppe Bitnik and Omsk Social Club, a workshop will take place at HeK.


22.03.2019, 18:30-22:00

Entrée: free

liens: http://0b673cce.xyz

The performative event Cryptorave combines live action role-playing games, dance parties and crypto currencies. Visitors are invited to take part in the participative performance by registering on the Cryptorave website and allowing their computer to mine the anonymous crypto currency Monero in order to unlock information about the party and the role to be played.

At the pre Cryptorave workshop with Omsk Social Club, participants will be introduced to the tactics of live action role-playing games, receive valuable tips and get to know the local community. Omsk Social Club will lead through identity building routines, bleed strategies, crypto-world constructions and emotive political routes.

Mine your ticket and unlock information on the party here: http://0b673cce.xyz

Cryptorave Workshop



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