Dirk Koy, Salvage, 2018

Museums Night: Concert – Therminal C

During the Museums Night, the thereminist Coralie Ehinger plays poetic live music that she creates with her fingertips in the air. The musical performance is accompanied by visuals of the artist Tanto.


18.01.2019, 20:00-22:30

Entrée: free with Museums Night ticket

Coralie Ehinger, Photo by Lionel Palierne

During the concert Therminal C Coralie Ehinger creates sounds with her fingertips in the air. In this bold work, the thereminist combines the enchanting melodies she plays on her instrument with synthetic tunes. These are created by using the electrical signal of the theremin's antennas to control a modular synthesizer. The performances start at 8pm and 10pm and last for half an hour.

Before, between and after the two concerts, the audience has the opportunity to play this fascinating instrument.

Museums Night: Concert – Therminal C



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