Valentin Spiess. Photo: iart

Bits and Bites – Artificial Intelligence in Design

How can artificial intelligence and machine learning be used in design processes? Creative Technologist Valentin Spiess provides visitors an insight.

médiation/bits and bites

16.05.2019, 18:30-21:00

Entrée: 25 CHF admission and snack / 20 CHF reduced admission and snack / 16 CHF free admission and snack / 10 CHF free admission without snack


James Bridle, Untitled (Autonomous Trap 001), 2017. Courtesy of the artist and NOME, Berlin

The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning is often not recognisable at first glance. It is only slowly that a broader public becomes aware that the functional intelligence of Siri and Alexa is not simply programmed, and that self-propelled cars actually have to master a kind of visual and spatial perception in order to navigate. The impressive results and possibilities give the impression that the technologies used are highly complex and inaccessible. And yet artists are working with it, and artificial intelligence and machine-based learning processes are also used in design. 

What does this mean specifically? Which areas are these technologies used for? What do designers expect from it? How do they change design processes?

Valentin Spiess, Creative Technologist and founder of iart, will give a short talk on the new practice of design. In a subsequent guided tour through the exhibition Entangled Realities, participants will explore the same questions from the perspective of art. Finally, all visitors are invited to a small dinner, during which the topics can be discussed in greater depth in a personal setting.

Valentin Spiess is the founder and CEO of iart, which realises projects in the fields of media, art and technology with a focus on interaction in space. In Basel they are known for the light frieze on the new building of the Kunstmuseum Basel, but they also design immersive spaces, narrative stagings and media architecture for renowned institutions internationally.

Bits and Bites – Artificial Intelligence in Design



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