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Hae Young Ji, Circling of Life (video), 2021, Screenshot. Courtesy the Artist

Mittwoch Matinée

Visite guidée
Demain, 01.12.2021, 10:0011:00

In the frame of the «Mittwoch-Matinées» of the Museums Basel, a tour of the exhibition «Wired Magic – Regionale 22» will take place.

10 CHF (5 CHF reduced)
You could throw a kaenga, Johanna Mangold, 2019, installation view HEK. Photo: Ivana Kresic.

Currently, there is a revival of interest in spiritual and cultic acts for the production of knowledge. How can these extensions of the senses and techniques be conceived in harmony with technological progress?

The exhibition «Wired Magic – Regionale 22» looks at the rituals and methods used by artists to combine magical knowledge with the use of modern technologies.

During the tour we will give an overview of the exhibition. The coffee break will be used to discuss and deepen specific questions with the facilitator.

The Regionale is an annual cross-border cooperation of 19 institutions in Germany, France and Switzerland. It focuses on local, contemporary art production in the three-country region around Basel.

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