Protection concept

The safety of visitors and employees is our top priority. To ensure their protection, the HeK (Haus der elektronischen Künste Basel) has developed a comprehensive protection concept that implements the Covid-19 directives of the Federal Council and recommendations of the Culture Department (BS) and Baselland and regulates visits to the museum. This includes:

COVID certificate obligation

Access to HEK is only possible upon presentation of the COVID certificate and a valid identity card.

Mandatory masks mandate

As an additional protective measure, there is a general obligation to wear masks in all publicly accessible rooms of the HEK. If required, masks can be purchased at the box office for CHF 1. Disposable masks are available to staff and artists free of charge. Exceptions apply for children under 12 years of age, performing artists and persons who are exempted from the mask obligation by a medical certificate.


Visitors should, if possible, obtain a ticket online in advance. On site we prefer payment by card.

Hygiene and cleaning

Upon entering the museum, visitors disinfect their hands or wash them with soap and water in the toilets on the ground floor. Employees do the same and repeat this before and after each break. Doors are left open. Checkroom, lockers and upholstered furniture are partially locked and cleaned regularly.
In all rooms of HEK, including the office, there is a general obligation to wear a mask from the moment you enter the building. Masks must also be worn by employees who were previously adequately protected by a plexiglass screen. If required, masks can be purchased at the cash desk for CHF 1. Disposable masks are available to employees and artists free of charge. Exceptions are made for children under 12 years of age, performing artists and those who are exempt from the mask requirement by medical certificate.
You will receive your personal hall sheet at the box office. Additional cleaning and hygiene measures are provided for the entire museum infrastructure. This includes cleaning intervals for seating, door handles, counter area and restrooms. Sneeze or cough into the crook of your arm.

Keeping distance and maximum number of people

Due to the obligation to obtain a certificate, the requirements for the observance of the distance for visitors are no longer applicable. We recommend, however, that this is still taken into account if possible. The Plexiglas wall remains in place as mutual protection for the cashier staff.

There is no restriction on the number of visitors.

Guided tours, workshops and other events

In general, all persons over 16 years of age, as well as teachers and accompanying persons, are required to hold a certificate for all events, including school groups. Schoolchildren younger than 16 are exempt from the certificate and mask requirements. If the visit of the school group is a "private" visit, the certificate obligation does not apply.

The following applies to private events in museums: If a museum rents out a room, the renter is responsible for the protection and control measures. If participants have to pass through the museum to reach the rented room, they must present a certificate.

In the outdoor area, the mask requirement and distance rule are generally waived.

People with COVID 19

We ask visitors who feel ill or have COVID-19 symptoms to stay at home and visit us another time.

Bistro genusswerk&co

The bistro genusswerk&co has a separate entrance and its own protection concept. Please follow their instructions.

Our employees* are authorized to request contact information in case of risky behavior. We thank you for your cooperation and ask you to observe the rules for your own protection and that of your fellow men.

Münchenstein, July 12, 2021