Net Encounters

With Net Encounters, we want to facilitate new formats of coming together between artists and the public on the net and encourage direct exchange.

In the current crisis with the strict rules of social distancing, in which the internet has become even more than before the important and often only medium of networking, net-based art is receiving increased attention again. With Net Encounters, we focus on new formats of encounter and exchange between artists and the public on the net. A direct exchange via micro-performances or transcations is planned, which can enable new forms of togetherness across distance and also initiate new relationships between audience and artists. Encounters can also take place through works or as a transfer of knowledge. Users pay a fee directly to the artists to contribute to the exchange. This fee depends on the type of transaction, whether it is a live performance, a knowledge exchange or an individually created digital artwork.

Micro-Performances : Here the focus is on the encounter with an artistic work. Micro-performances can be live performances by artists - in analogue locations made accessible via digital tools, online for small or larger groups of people, or on the viewer's desktop. The focus is on the live experience of a work, which may also be created collaboratively with the audience.

Transactions : In transactions, the encounter takes place on the basis of an exchange of content. The focus here is on a new kind of exchange and the development of innovative relationships between artists and audiences, based on the knowledge and know-how that the artists impart.

The focus of the programme is on experimenting with new formats of direct exchange. Artists take a critical look at the world that often makes us see the familiar from a new perspective. Let us be inspired and challenged by artists again!

Net Encounters starts in January 2021 and will present a new artist every month until June 2021. Participating artists: Andreas Gysin & Sidi Vanetti, Rita Hajj, Lauren Huret, Till Langschied, Ceylan Oztruk, and Sarina Scheidegger.

Net Encounters is supported by Pro Helvetia.


Net Encounters – Rita Hajj, A turn on, a turn off

Für Net Encounters teilt die Künstlerin Rita Hajj einen Monat lang einen Live-Stream ihrer Kaffeemaschine. Sie lädt das Publikum ein, Bilder ihrer Kaffee- oder Teekanne hochzuladen, während sie eine Reflexion über die Geschichte des Worldwideweb und die Entwicklung von Live-Streaming und Online-Interaktionen entwickelt.


Net Encounters – Sarina Scheidegger, Becoming a Stream

For the project Becoming A Stream the artist Sarina Scheidegger invites the audience to send her pictures of water. In exchange for these images, she responds with unique texts inspired by her research on bodies of water, hydrofeminism and hydrocommons.


Net Encounters – Gysin-Vanetti,

For Net Encounters, Gysin-Vanetti invite the audience to contact them by email, and to ask them questions while offering a generative digital artwork in return.


Net Encounters - Till Langschied, Graphics-Incantation-Formats

For Net Encounters, Till Langschieds' performance avatar Till Tumaroh invites us to see the internet as a magically charged world full of its own stories and myths.


Laurent Huret, The Creature, 2021

Net Encounters - Lauren Huret, The Creature

For the Net Encounters series, Lauren Huret offers the opportunity to anyone to commission and purchase an exclusive and personalised video work, based on the information the artist retrieves online about them.