Regionale 20 - Avatars, Doppelgangers and Allegorical Landscapes

24.11.2019 29.12.2019
As part of Regionale, a format promoting contemporary art from Switzerland, Germany and France, HeK presents a selection of artists, who examine our multiplied identities in the digital age.

exhibition/performance, workshop, film screening,

Biennale Némo - Carte blanche à la HeK au Centre Culturel Suisse, Paris

11.12.2019 14.12.2019
The HeK receives a Carte Blanche from the Centre culturel suisse in Paris. In various formats - installations, screenings, performances and round-table discussions - a selection of works will be presented that is part of the programme of the Némo (International Biennale of Digital Arts) and in particular takes up the theme of artificial intelligence.


Exhibition: Immersive Lab – Cosa Mentale (Célia Bétourné & Louis Cortes)

14.12.2019 15.12.2019
The HeK and the ICST present the work of the artist group Cosa Mentale (Célia Bétourné & Louis Cortes), which were developed in the interactive sound and video environment "Immersive Lab" within the framework of the artist residence. Visitors will have the opportunity to interact with the media content.


Making FASHION Sense

16.01.2020 08.03.2020
The exhibition Making FASHION Sense deals with the fundamental transformation of the fashion industry through technology, ranging from new creative processes to experimentations exploring sustainability: fashion that makes sense.