Opening: Real Feelings

Wed, 26.08.2020, 19:00
Emo­tions could be described as the core of human experience. The international group exhibition "Real Feelings" explores the rapidly changing relationship between technology and emotions.

event/audio video walk


01.10.2020 18.10.2020
FREIZONE DREISPITZ is an audio video walk with live interventions. Oscillating between reality and fiction, this play leads the audience equipped with headphones and tablet across the Dreispitz area. A listening experience that opens the eyes.


Opening: Regionale 21

Sat, 28.11.2020, 20:00
At 8 pm we celebrate the opening of the exhibition at HeK, which is part of the Regionale 21.


Opening: Shaping the Invisible World

Thu, 21.01.2021, 19:00
Curator Boris Magrini will welcome the public at 8 pm and give an introduction into the exhibition and individual works. This will be followed by an aperitif to which all visitors are cordially invited and the public will have the opportunity to visit the exhibition.