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Emanuel Gollob, Doing Nothing with AI 1.0, 2019

From Museums Night 2023 until 5 February, HEK's lower floor and platform will be dedicated to two installations. In the ground floor you can discover the installation Doing Nothing with AI 1.0 by Emanuel Gollob.

We live in a time of permanent display checking and overstimulation, in which a moment of silence and inactivity seems almost impossible or intolerable, or even equivalent to a rebellious act. Therefore, we find it difficult to appreciate periods of doing nothing and to give them space in our busy daily lives.

For these reasons, doing nothing is of particular interest to Emanuel Gollob. He has brought together several digital and mechanical technologies to create the installation Doing Nothing with AI 1.0, which interacts with visitors in an attempt to invite them to do nothing. It includes an A.I. that analyses movement data or brainwaves of visitors, an industrial robot and a robotic control system.

The robot wears a skin designed by the artist, which is furnished with numerous toothpicks. They represent a continuation of the geometric normals of the skin and make even minimal movements of the machine visible to the viewer. In fact, the Kuka robot was itself involved in the process of making its own skin, by attaching the toothpicks to the foam itself. It learns from viewer data to adapt its movements and thus develop a choreography that captivates viewers and makes them as inactive as possible.

You can find out what that looks and feels like, and whether the robot can also motivate You to do nothing at the Museums Night on 20.01.2023 - or in the period afterwards until 05.02.2023, as the installation can be experienced at HEK until then!

Artists: Emmanuel Gollob