Jacolby Satterwhite: We Are In Hell When We Hurt Each Other, 2020

Reception Radical Gaming and Anniversary of HEK

Concert, Reception
Tue, 21.09.2021, 20:0023:00
On the occasion of Art Basel we are inviting all visitors to a reception celebrating «Radical Gaming» and the 10 year anniversary of HEK.
Free entry
Lu Yang, The Great Adventure of Material World, 2019 © Lu Yang

HEK invites all visitors to the annual reception during Art Basel to explore the new international group show and a live set by NVST to celebrate.

The group exhibition Radical Gaming presents international artists who use contemporary game programming technologies to create immersive environments, interactive stories and multimedia installations. Their refusal to abide by the commercial logic of video games, sets the scene for their progressive, uncompromising, and thought-provoking works. HEK presents international artist working in media art including Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley, Leo Castañeda, Sara Culmann, Debbie Ding, Keiken, Lawrence Lek, Mikhail Maksimov, Cassie McQuater, Sahej Rahal, Nicole Ruggiero, Jacolby Satterwhite, Eddo Stern, Theo Triantafyllidis, Miyö Van Stenis, Lu Yang.

10 years ago the institution HEK, which emerged from [plug.in]—Forum for New Media and Shift—Festival of Electronic Arts. Since then, HEK has established itself as the Swiss competence center for media art with a diverse program, its educational activities and its media art collection.

We will celebrate the anniversary year with various interventions starting May 27, 2021 on our digital channels and on-site activities. If the pandemic situation allows, we invite you to an anniversary celebration on September 21, 2021 during Art Basel.

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