Closed for exhibition installation, reopening 01.09.2021, 19:00.

Net Encounters – Gysin-Vanetti,

For Net Encounters, Gysin-Vanetti invite the audience to contact them by email, and to ask them questions while offering a generative digital artwork in return.

The project conceived by Gysin-Vanetti for Net Encounters consists of exploiting one of the most popular Internet services, the e-mail, by inviting the public to interact personally with the artists through written language. At a time when online contacts have multiplied and accelerated, email might today seem a less immediate communication system. Wanting to re-evaluate the electronic mail as a medium of exchange, the artists created a mailing address and an automatic reply service:

By sending an email to the address, a geometric work of art is generated by the server and sent back to the sender's address. The artwork is produced by an algorithm that will use the characters contained in the subject line of the mail, composing them into new geometric configurations. The result will be deterministic: the same input generates the same output. Everyone is thus able to obtain one or more personalised works for free.

At the same time, the public can take the opportunity to send questions or personal comments to the artists, using the body of the email. Every 10 days, the artists will reply to the questions received during this time, collecting questions and comments and responding with their own observations. All participants will receive a common response email in which they will be able to find their questions and thematic ideas, in anonymised form, with a comment or response from the artists.

Please note: the work and answers sent by the artists may end up in the spam folder, so the public is kindly asked to check this folder as well.

Andreas Gysin & Sidi Vanetti are an artist duo who explore images and patterns using the geometry of multi-use displays, combining different disciplines from fields such as visual communication, architecture and new technologies. In addition to their work as teachers and designers, they build temporary interventions or permanent installations in public spaces and museums. Their projects are characterised by a personal use of recycled existing hardware, which are not modified in their layout, but are used in a different way from the original, with the purpose of creating new visual permutations. Both born in 1975, Andreas Gysin & Sidi Vanetti have been working together on research projects since 2000, following their joint thesis at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Ticino.

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