Marktplatz 55+, 2019. Bild: Joel Sames

Marktplatz 55+: digitale Kunst

Sat, 25.09.2021, 10:0016:00
Markthalle Basel

At the Marktplatz 55+ in the Markthalle, HEK is represented with digital workshops.

ASCII-Art Workshop, Kunsttage Basel, 2021. Bild: Ivana Kresic

At the Marktplatz 55+, HEK introduces itself: get an insight into art that is at home on the Internet and take part in digital workshops.

The Marktplatz 55+ in the Markthalle Basel is a forum for information, meeting and exchange. Numerous organizations present their offerings. They range from health, nutrition, exercise, living to culture, religion, volunteering, social, work, clubs.

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