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Sun, 12.02.2023, 13:0015:00

Blockchain, NFTs, crypto, metaverse... explore the Web 3.0 universe with a coffee and croissant in hand with the help of experts. This time on the topic of: Planting a Seed for your Crypto-Wallet with Matthias Moos.

25 / 15 CHF (reduced)

Blockchain, NFT's, crypto, Metaverse...the list goes on! All these terms have been floating around for a while now, and you may have been asking yourself what on earth it all means?! That's exactly what KryptoBrunch is for - with a coffee (or tea) and a Gipfeli in hand you will be well equipped to board the spaceship and explore the web 3.0 universe, with support from area experts. This time around, we will be getting you off the ground with your own crypto wallet!

In this edition we will be joined by computational artist Matthias Moos, who will introduce you to a selection of his artworks and help with setting up your wallet. In the first hour of this session you can help yourself to a tasty breakfast and get to know Moos and his artwork. In the second part of the session, we will be looking at the following topics, with the goal of getting you fully equipped with a wallet and the ability to buy crypto currency:

1. Set up an account and buy crypto currency (tezos)
2. Learn something about basic security
3. create a wallet to hold your crypto currency

Artist and programmer Julia Schicker, who led the first KryptoBrunch, will also be present to answer your questions and provide support. We recommend that you bring your credit card and ID-Card so that you can buy and transfer funds to your new crypto wallet with our support during this session. We understand that you may just want to be a fly on the wall and see how it all works. Or maybe you do not want to register online with your ID Card in order to buy crypto. That’s fine too, you can try-out setting-up a wallet and choose not to add any money to it during the workshop.

Please bring bring your own smartphone and laptop, so that you won't need to install the wallet plug-ins again at home (which as a crypto-newbie can be a little confusing). If you come as a family or group, you are welcome to open a wallet together - just keep in mind that everyone who sets this up with you could potentially have access to the account in future if they note down your seed-phrase.

We will keep the workshop room open to you for an additional hour (15:00-16:00) after the core 2-hour workshop session to ensure that if you have any difficulty setting up or if you just want to continue to explore or ask questions that there is space and time for this! If you have any further inquiries about this workshop, then please get in touch via

Pack List:

- Smartphone and Laptop
- ID Card to register at the Crypto Exchange
- Credit Card to buy Crypto Currency

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