Dmitry Morozov

"You, me and all these machines" (Dmitry Morozov / Anastasia Tolchneva)

The Russian singer Anastasia Tolchneva and the media artist Dmitry Morozov offer a musical performance in which they interact through a kybernetic device.


19.01.2018, 20:00-01:00

Admission: Museums Night Ticket (available at HeK)


Anastasia Tolchneva alias Lovozero is an active force in the current Russian music scene, taking part in numerous multi-disciplinary projects ranging from electromagnetic experiments and sound art to underground dance performances.

::vtol:: is the alias of a Moscow-based media artist Dmitry Morozov (RU). He focuses on technological art: robotics, sound art and science art. He is the laureate of the Sergei Kuryokhin Prize (St.Petersburg, 2013) and Prix Cube (France, 2014). Dmitry received the honorable mentions at the VIDA 16.0 (Spain, 2014) and Prix Ars Electronica (Austria, 2015, 2017) awards.

In order to perform with Anastasia Tolchneva he has conceived a device that she can wear while singing, allowing him to both incite and manipulate her voice. Their joint performance is equally a beautiful and enchanting illustration of love relationships. 

Performances: 08:00pm, 10:00pm and 00:00pm 

"You, me and all these machines" (Dmitry Morozov / Anastasia Tolchneva)



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