Sophie Kellner, Electronic Tenderness, 2018

Wicked Fabrics

Sewing electric circuits and knitting sensors - wearable electronics: In a workshop with Hanro, participants create sounding T-shirts.


18.05.2019, 10:00-17:00

Venue: Hanro-Areal, Benzburweg 20, 4410 Liestal

Age: from 14 years

Admission: 25 CHF / 15 CHF reduced, plus 35 CHF material costs (micro-controller, battery, sound module)


Image: Sophie Kellner

Electronic textiles are fabrics and yarns that have conductive properties and thus form electric circuits. Instead of processing hard components, soft and flexibly designed diodes and sensors are integrated directly into the textiles. The technology is already being used for sportswear or medical textiles that measure bodily functions. But can you do it yourself?

All participants need are conductive yarn, micro-controllers and sewing needles: under the guidance of textile designer Sophie Kellner, a used garment is equipped with textile electronics and a sensor is integrated. During the workshop, participants knit a sensor and sew the individual electronic components together by hand to form a functioning circuit. The programming language Arduino is used to programme the T-shirts: the movements of the wearers or interaction with other people should elicit sounds from the garment. So is it possible that an old T-shirt will suddenly communicate? Or will we even be able to form a clothing orchestra?

Wicked Fabrics is a do it yourself movement that takes a critical and humorous look at wearables and e-textiles and creatively explores them in experimental and functional projects. 

Bring along: T-shirt, pullover, shirt or blouse

How to get there: from Liestal train station take bus no. 70, 71 or 76 to bus stop "Liestal, Station,“ cross the little river, then turn right into the curved road under the railway line, go straight ahead (approx. 5 minutes).

Free parking available

The number of participants is limited.

In cooperation with the association Textilpiazza Kultur, Liestal

Wicked Fabrics



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