Simone C Niquille /Technoflesh, "Homeschool" (2019), video still

Wednesday Mattinée

Discoursive guided tour through the exhibition "Swiss Media Art" as part of the Wednesday Matinées of the Museums Basel.

education/guided tour

30.06.2021, 10:00-12:00

Venue: HeK

Admission: 10 CHF (5 CHF reduced for youth up to 16 years)

Regionale 20, 2019

The exhibition Swiss Media Art: Studer/van den Berg, Maria Guta, Simone C. Niquille - Pax Art Awards 2020 deals with fictional worlds in the digital space, the critical examination of data training sets, and the self-representation in social media. The artists cast playful as well as revealing perspectives on current issues of our society and the use of digital technologies.

The tour will take place in German.
During the coffee break you can discuss and deepen your understanding in conversation with the facilitators.
You can buy your ticket online or on the day itself at HeK. You are also welcome to register via phone: 061 283 60 51.

Note: Due to the measures of the Federal Council, the exhibition periods have been postponed. Therefore, the Wednesday Matinée will not take place on the topic "Video Games" as printed on the flyer.

Wednesday Mattinée