UKI - Enter the Bionet, Screenshot

UKI - Enter the BioNet

The interactive installation Enter the BioNet launches us into the future in a science-fiction scenario in which the Net, the Internet of our time, has collapsed.

event/Installation, performance

Thu-Sun, 10.-13.11.2016, 18:30

Admission: free

Links: http://www.mauvaiscontact.info

UKI - Enter the Bionet, Screenshot

The interactive installation "Enter the BioNet" by Shu Lea Cheang takes us into a future in which the network, the Internet of our time, has collapsed.

Her work is a kind of science fiction game:

"UKI - Enter the BioNet" is a collective game in which the gamers compete against the UKI virus, which has been released by a powerful corporation. It infects the red blood cells of humans and reprograms their bodily sensations so that they feel no desire to intimacy more.

2-8 participants can fight against the reprogramming of their bodily sensations by aligning their bodily states(live measured by sensors). How can a community assert itself against the intentions of the corporation? And how can they sync? What role play bodily states and feelings in this? These are questions that can be discussed in this playful interactive game.

Opening: 10.11.2016, 18:30
Opening hours: 11.-13.11.2016, 12:00-18:00

UKI - Enter the BioNet




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