SENSEable City Lab (Dietmar Offenhuber u.a.): TrashTrack Project 2011

Transmedia Matters? Researching (Electronic) Waste

Shu Lea Cheang, Baruch Gottlieb, KairUs, Shusha Niederberger, Dietmar Offenhuber, and Team Time-of-Waste are discussing their electronic waste projects.

education/conference, workshop

Wed-Fri, 13.-04.11.2016, 13:30

Venue: Critical Media Lab of the Institute Experimental Design and Media Cultures ixdm HGK FHNW (Freilager-Platz 1, Münchenstein) and at HeK

Admission: free

Registration: Please register until October 24 2016 at: flavia.caviezel@fhnw.ch.

Links: http://times-of-waste.ch

SENSEable City Lab (Dietmar Offenhuber u.a.): TrashTrack Project 2011

„Transmedia Matters? Researching (Electronic) Waste“ brings together different specialists who explore waste and its circulation. We discuss the various contents and results, the possibilities, chances and problems of the (trans-)media methods and techniques of an aesthetic research about waste, and specifically about e-waste. All speakers work with digital media and visualization tools and are coming from an artistic-scientific field.

The event is part of the Times of Waste research project that examines the ways and transformations of waste. The choice of the media is very important in this applied research - also because many breaks and intransparencies characterize the paths of the materials. To what extent transmedial aspects are relevant to the presented projects will therefore be the focus of the various contributions and discussions.

The event is public and free, the number of seats is limited.


Shu Lea Cheang (Paris), Baruch Gottlieb (Berlin), KairUs (Linz), Shusha Niederberger (Basel), Dietmar Offenhuber (Boston), Research Team Times of Waste (Basel)


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Support: The workshop is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF).

Transmedia Matters? Researching (Electronic) Waste



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