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Tous Écrans @ HeK

The Geneva International Film Festival Tous Ecrans is a guest at HeK and presents a selection of short films, music videos, web series and virtual reality films from last year's festival edition.

event/film screening

08.02.2017, 20:00-22:00

Admission: Free admission

Links: http://www.tous-ecrans.com

Short films:

A Man Returned, Mahdi Fleifel
Like many Palestinian refugees, Reda is stuck in a camp in Ain El-Hilweh. Despite his heroin addiction and disillusioned by his stay in Athens, he decides to marry his childhood sweetheart. An epic documentary, which won both the Silver Bear award at the Berlinale and the Reflet d’Or at the Festival Tous Écrans.


Twun (Yvein Monq), Kinopravda Change Is Everything (Son Lux), Nathan Johnson Drifted (The Shoes), Dent De Cuir City Lights (The White Stripes), Michel Gondry Panda (Desiigner), Paul Geusebroek. Winner of last year’s festival.


Simulated Dead People (Ep. 2), Adam Butcher
The dead come back to life but not as zombies: in this vision of the future, thanks to the program Simulated Dead People, our loved ones visit us in holographic forms. Their image is perfectly reproduced, as if they were still alive.

Le Bateau de l'enfer (Ep. 1), Julien Nodolwsky, Joachim Barbier
There are 3000. 3000 heavy metal fans on a steamship. Every year, they launch a Satanist cruise in the Caribbean Islands. When the raging guitars and the guttural singing meet the scream of the seagull, the ship certainly seems to come straight out of hell. Winner of the 2016 edition of the festival.

Barber show (Ep. 1), Hugues Lawson-Body
In an African hair salon in Château d’Eau in Paris, people exchange on life. One camera, one place, a couple of people, a thousand different universes: a web-series, which looks for the magical in small things.

La Dump (Ep. 1), Maude Morissette
Belle and Barbe live under the earth, in canalizations. Belle and Barbe are dolls. They are also alcoholics, dysfunctional and vulgar. La Dump from Quebec is the most impossible and disrespectful web series of our times. Crazy and exquisite.

Virtual Reality Films

SENS VR, Charles Ayats, Armand  Lemarchand, Marc-Antoine Mathieu
Sens is a poetical journey through the world of the comic creator Marc-Antoine Mathieu. At the intersection between comics and classics, between animation and dream, the work finds itself at the border of the genres and the arts of today and yesterday.

The Future Of Music, Greg Barth
Dive into the world of Carré Bleu, an artist and composer, who can create the music of tomorrow, through which he travels in space and time. A surreal and hectic VR-pop-mockumentary, which came to life through the collaboration between Greg Barth and Polar Youth.

Drawing Room, Sara Kolster, Jan  Rothuizen, Harm van de Ven, Juul Spee
The artist and illustrator Januar Tothuizen is invited for a residency by a Dutch magazine. He receives an attic room with a view on the city. Out of this situation in his life, Rothuizen realized a unique autobiographical VR experience.

Transition, Joost Jordens, Mike von Rotz
When two students of the University of the Arts Utrecht meet the musicians Kettel & Secede, a sensory journey through a world comes into being – evoking the metaphysic universe of Jodorowsky and Moebius. Awarded the Reflet d'Or during the last edition of the Festivals Tous Écrans.

The Future of Music, Greg Barth

Drawing Room Trailer, Sara Kolster, Jan Rothuizen, Harm van de Ven, Juul Spee

A Man Returned Trailer, Mahdi Fleifel

Tous Écrans @ HeK


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