Photo: Shusha Niederberger

Things with faces - photo challenge

There are everyday objects that look like they have a face. Look around - they are everywhere! Join the photo challenge, share your pictures, enjoy all the funny faces, and maybe you'll win one of the prizes!


Mon, 11.05.2020, 16:00

Venue: online

Photo: Patricia und Kuno Huijnen

Look who is looking! This time it's not about surveillance, it's about things with faces. "Things with faces" are found objects from everyday life that happen to look like having a face. Do you also spot a thing with a face around you? Maybe have a closer look at your kitchen items, or maybe they hide outside?

Post your things with faces in the photo challenge and win one of our privacy covers for laptops and mobile cameras, or an annual ticket for HeK!

The photo challenge starts Monday, 11.05.2020, at 4pm, on the facebook-channel of Bajour: gärn gschee - Basel hilft.

You can add your picture as a response, maybe tag it with @HeK, so we can keep track with all your funny faces.

With generous support from Bajour.

Bajour is a new independent online media located in Basel, providing news and stories that tend to get overlooked otherwise. In March, they founded "gärn gschee - Basel hilft", a platform to network locals around needs and help during the Corona crisis. It was the first platform in Switzerland, and their idea spread quickly and led to hundreds of local neighborhood initiatives across the country.

Things with faces - photo challenge