Sajan Mani

Srinagar Biennale Basel

Four Swiss performers, who interact with four Indian artists via live video stream, will open the Srinagar Biennial at the HeK.


Sat, 17.03.2018, 11:30

Admission: free

Links: http://srinagarbiennalebasel.org/

The Srinagar Biennial Basel is the Swiss hub of the Srinagar Biennial International, a rhizomatic event spread over numerous countries and cities. The curators of the Swiss Node focus primarily on contemporary performance arts, including a critical exploration of virtual space as a performance venue.

The HeK will host the first episode marking the opening of the Biennale: Four Swiss and four Indian artists will perform in Basel and Bangalore in front of audiences and will be linked via live video stream across the countries. This voyage of discovery in virtual space also presents performance artists with a challenge that is known to put existing framework conditions to the test, even to break them through. A contradictory situation arises: While the real-time transmission frees the performers from physical space, they are simultaneously trapped within the frame of the static camera.

The Srinagar Biennial International (2017/2018) is conceived as a time and space overlapping rhizomatic process with currently 19 nodes in different cities and countries, one of them in Basel. Each project is an independent entity, but connected with the others in a common effort, whereby the central question is what art and a biennial can do for a place - whose name they bear - but where they can only take place with difficulty.

Artists from Switzerland:

1. Irene Maag *1972, lives and works in Reinach/Basel

2. Dorothea Rust *1955, lives and works in Zürich

3. Pascal Lampert *1972, lives and works in Santa Maria Val Müstair

4. Lilian Frei *1968, lives and works in Locarno/Zürich

KünstlerInnen aus Indien:

1. Inder Salim *1958 in Kashmir. lives and works in Delhi

2. Manmeet Devgun *1974, lives and works in Delhi

3. Sajan Mani *1982, lives and works in Kochi/Berlin

4. Anupam Saikia *1987, lives and works in Guwahati

The Srinagar Biennial Basel and all accompanying events are curated by Janine Schmutz and Parvez Imam. For Episode 1, Suresh Kumar G is co-curator of the Indian part in Bangalore.

The event is free. However, the visitors must sign an agreement to allow being under the gaze of the camera. As they watch the performances, they also form the backdrop for the performing artist in the other space, which is then beamed back into their own space. The design intends to provoke a reflection on the present and the contradictions we live with. Are we mere passive recipient of actions or active contributors to the outcomes? Are we the viewers or the viewed?

Srinagar Biennale Basel



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