Lawrence English

ROOM40:15 - Lawrence English, John Chantler, Rafael Anton Irisarri

Australian label and art conglomerate ROOM40 will be doing an extended tour in 2015 to celebrate its 15 years of gleeful existence—and a stopover at Hek is on its schedule!


Sat, 31.01.2015, 21:00

Admission: 15 CHF / 10 CHF

Links: http://room40.org
link http://irisarri.org/

Tickets: An der Kasse am Veranstaltungstag

In 2015, the Australian avant-garde label Room 40, named after the newsroom maintained by the British Admiralty during the First World War, will be celebrating its 15 years of gleeful existence. Its manager Lawrence English is one of the more subversive figures on the experimental music scene. In the course of his long career he has worked inter alia with Grouper, Ben Frost and Tujiko Noriko. His field recordings—of the sounds made by deep-sea creatures, motorboats or lethal Antarctic storms, for example, recorded using hydrophones—have likewise assured him a stellar reputation. He also released an outstanding LP on his own label last year, in collaboration with Wilderness of Mirrors.

John Chantler's latest album “Even Clean Hands Damage the Work” released on Room40, was mostly recorded at Stockholm’s famous Elektronmusikstudion. Over a two-year period, Chantler condensed the unique infrastructure of this musicians’ Mecca (in particular its Buchla 200 and Serge System) on two tracks. The result is dense, intense and challenging: a dynamic spectrum of sound exploited by means of deferral, distortion and deviation, which persistently returns to a precarious balance, time after time.

Composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Rafael Anton Irisarri hails from Seattle. Landscapes and ecologies play a pivotal role in his two releases on Room40, “The North Bend” from 2010 and “The Unintentional Sea” from 2013. The latter album plays on the unintentional consequences of human intervention in the natural world and some calamitous inkling or memory accordingly appears to cast its shadow on the alternately calm or thrashing waves of sound, beneath the surface of which eddies endlessly stir.

John Chantler - Dismantled Cabaret

Lawrence English - Hapless Gatherer

Rafael Anton Irisarri: The Unintentional Sea - Fear and Trembling

ROOM40:15 - Lawrence English, John Chantler, Rafael Anton Irisarri

Tickets: An der Kasse am Veranstaltungstag



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