Andreas Lutz, Offset XYZ, 2018, 310 x 310 cm, pneumatic actuators, stretchable fabric, custom software.

Regionale 20 - Avatars, Doppelgangers and Allegorical Landscapes

As part of Regionale, a format promoting contemporary art from Switzerland, Germany and France, HeK presents a selection of artists, who examine our multiplied identities in the digital age.


24.11.2019 - 29.12.2019

Admission: 9 / 6 (reduced)

Links: https://regionale.org/

Katrin Niedermeier, reality island is elsewhere, 2019, Videostill, Photo courtesy the artist.

A twin stranger, the doppelganger is a fantastic figure in literature that habitually emerges as a death premonition. Our interconnected culture encourages the proliferation of multiple digital identities of ourselves, from social media accounts to imaginary characters in video games and other private platforms. We shape the environment to our image, and we instruct algorithms to learn from our behaviours and emotions. The entertainment industry puts the human at the centre of its spectacle, while live streamers further blur the boundaries between public and private sphere. We are no longer surprised by doppelgangers, we create them. Between indulging in technological escapism and imagining our posthuman existence, what new images and areas of ourselves are left for us to discover? The artists in the exhibition examine the construction of our identity by exploring new meanings associated with the production of avatars, doppelgängers, allegorical landscapes and awakened environments.

Curator: Boris Magrini

Artists: Alessia Conidi, Andreas Lutz, Christine Camenisch & Johannes Vetsch, Lara Hampe & Vera Sebert, Dirk Koy, Jansa Jakub, Katrin Niedermeier, Lucas Lejeune, Raphael Spielmann, Till Langschied.



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