Regionale 13


25.11.2012 06.01.2013

OSMOSPhere - Blinker, 2010

The world is full of obvious things that we are aware of and yet do not experience consciously – from the constant blinking of the eyes to our perception being shaped by media or the invisible structures that control our social lives. The chosen positions reflect these structures and expose them in their artistic transformation, at best even in a twofold manner: They open our eyes to the „hidden obvious“, yet also the „obviously hidden“ that  surrounds us constantly.

Stefan Baltensperger, Beat Brogle, Bertrand Flanet, Philipp Gasser, Denis Handschin & Michel Winterberg, Esther Hunziker, Lysann König & Yolanda Bürgi, Denise Kratzer, Philipp Madörin, OSMOSPhere (Matthias Heipel & Axel Malik), Emanuel Strässle, Monica Studer & Christoph van den Berg, Aline Veillat, Andreas von Ow, Aline Zeltner

Opening reception on November 24 2012, 3 p.m.

This year's Regionale exhibition will be opened with a greeting by Roberto Simanowski, Associate Professor for Media Studies and an introduction by Sabine Himmelsbach, and accompanied by a performance with Aline Zeltner's "Klangobjekt" (sound object).

Stefan Baltensperger
Beat Brogle
Yolanda Bürgi and Lysann König
Betrand Flanet
Philipp Gasser
Denis Handschin and Michel Winterberg
Esther Hunziker
Denise Kratzer
Philipp Madörin
OSMOSPhere (Matthias Heipel & Axel Malik)
Emanuel Strässle
Monica Studer and Christoph van den Berg
Aline Veillat
Andreas von Ow
Aline Zeltner