Die Künstlergruppe Fragment.in, die in der Ausstellung "Die ungerahmte Welt" vertreten ist.

Pecha Kucha VR Night

Speakers from the Swiss VR scene discuss themes relating to Virtual Reality in short presentations of 6:40min and a maximum of 20 images, each. Moderated by Tina Sauerländer.

event/conference, talk

Fri, 24.02.2017, 20:00

Admission: Frei

"Pecha Kucha" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PechaKucha) refers to a presentation technique from Japan, consisting of 20 images each with 20 seconds of speaking time dedicated to an image. Conciseness and exciting presentations are the result. Various representatives of the arts, research and sciences invariably present their projects in these short-term formats.

In the group exhibition ‘The Unframed World – Virtual Reality and artistic medium for the 21st century’, Virtual Reality (VR) is presented as artistic medium. It stands as the first comprehensive presentation of artistic examination of the VR medium shown at the HeK. ‘The Unframed World’ associates artistic approaches with other fields of application for VR. The exhibition curator, Tina Sauerländer, will offer a guided tour in the evening – after which, drinks and snacks will be served.


Jascha Dormann, Ideen&Klang, Basel
Lorenz Troll, course Cast, ZhdK, Zurich    
Philipp Grossenbacher, Technique & Architekture, Hochschule Luzern    
Mischa Schaub, Hyperwerk, Basel    
Jeanine Reutemann, HGK FHNW, Basel  
Daniel Perez-Marcos Mindmaze, Lausanne/Zurich
Lukas Von Niederhäusern, Vision11, Zurich    
Martin Fuchs, Undef, Basel    
Ursula Ströbele, Berlin  
Cyril Diagne, Ecal, Lausanne
Patrik Marty, Responsive, Zurich 

Pecha Kucha VR Night



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