Visual by Andreas Hansen and Hyunjun Jang

Oslo Night: VR Installations

As part of Oslo Night HeK presents two outdoor VR installations. SWING invites visitors to dive into a poetic world high above the ground and Into the land art: Earth spiral features modified versions of Google Earth maps.


Sat, 22.09.2018, 16:00

Admission: free

Still from the VR installation SWING by Christin Marczinzik, Thi Binh Minh Nguyen and Felix Herbst

Swings make children feel disconnected from reality, weightless and free. The VR project SWING wants to bring these feelings back and makes a dream come true:  the dream of flying. The interactive installation offers a unique immersive adventure and sends visitors to a crafted, water coloured world. Whilst swinging, users smoothly rise into the virtual world. The flight level increases depending on the intensity and duration of the swinging. Visitors are lifted off the ground, can see the world from above and ultimately will be taken into space, where the maximum of colour intensity is reached. The virtual reality experience is enhanced by the physicality of the swing and the movement.

Since 2014 the experience and multimedia designers Christin Marczinzik, Thi Binh Minh Nguyen and Felix Herbst have been creating poetic works using innovative technology. Focusing on interactive media installations and transmedia projects they merge physical interfaces with VR and AR systems.

Into the land art: Earth spiral by artist Chiara Passa is a virtual reality installation featuring twenty Google Cardboards showing various animations. The cardboard VR glasses are spirally arranged on the ground. Looking through the glasses while kneeling on the floor, the viewer can dive into a world beyond the earth and explore nature as an interface. The VR animations show modified versions of Google Earth maps – bizarre dynamic shapes turning into super-objects.

Chiara Passa, living and working in Rome, analyses virtual spaces by means of a variety of techniques and devices. Her work focuses on virtual and augmented reality and explores architecture, surfaces and various locations. She also creates net-based art, video sculptures and animations.


Into the land art: Earth spiral by Chiara Passa

Oslo Night: VR Installations



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