Plakat Oslo Night, 2012



Fri, 14.09.2012, 18:00

A mobile phone opera, acid noise, synthesizer- and robot sounds, DJ-acts, open exhibitions with guided tours as well as a bar and food from 6p.m. til midnight: Oslo Night on September 14 is a one-of-a-kind street festival. Together with showroom OSLO10, photography gallery Oslo8 contemprorary photography, International Exchange and Studio Program Basel iaab and Radio X and in collaboration with Klappfon (programmation concerts/DJs) and :digital brainstorming from Migros Culture Percentage, the House of Electronic Arts Basel invites you to a multifaceted party on the Dreispitzareal with acts ranging from exciting performances to powerful DJ sets.

Programme House of Electronic Arts Basel:

6 p.m. DJ Soult (Hula Honeys, ZH), bar & food
  The current exhibition Sensing Place. Mediatizing the Urban Landscape will be open till midnight. Guided tour at 6.30 p.m.
8 p.m. "Hermes". A Cell Phone Opera in four Acts and  Terry Riley's "In C" performed by the robot orchestra. By Karl Heinz Jeron
From 9.30 - 12 p.m. Concerts/DJs: Eli Keszler and Ashley Paul Duo with Geoff Mullen (USA) live, Carlos Giffoni (YV/USA) live, Morard (déepart, BS)

Entry fee to all the events of HeK: 15.-/10.-(students)
All the exhibitions are free of charge.

Programme OSLO10, Oslo8, iaab & Radio X

18-24h OSLO10 will be exhibiting a group show by artists Marlie Mul (*1980, Netherlands; lives in Berlin) and Gerda Scheepers (*1979, South Africa; lives in Berlin).
18-24h Oslo8: By the Way - a continuous photo project by Annette Fischer. The artist is present.
21h iaab: Performance Talking Through My Stick by Seamus Hughes.
Guest exhibition opening on September 21st in the project space «Basement», featuring the artists Seamus Hughes (objects and installations) und Matthieu Brouillard (photography). the performance «Talking Through My Stick» by the Irish-Australian performance artist Seamus Hughes serves as an ouverture to this show. The performance explores standstill in time and space. Included are a song, a dance and a prayer.
Ab 18h Radio X: Guided tours through the studio - one of Switzerland's most modern radio studios.

Carlos Giffoni
Carlos Giffoni is a Venezuelan electronic musician residing in the New York City area for the past 10 plus years. It’s here where Giffoni established himself not only as a jammer but also as a curator of contemporary out music as label head / festival director for No Fun Productions. Giffoni uses modular synthesizers, custom-built instruments, and various modes of analog and digital synthesis to compose electronic music pieces for physical formats. He is also well versed and respected in the international improvisational circuit.

Karl Heinz Jeron
„I'm in the train. Where are you?” Nowadays, when nearly everybody has a mobile phone, private conversations are no longer held in closed spaces but in public. For years the artist Karl Heinz Jeron was annoyed by the pointless phone calls of the people next to him on public transportation. A few months ago he decided to transcribe the conversations he overheard and has filled two notebooks so far.
The texts are then digitalized and performed by two small singing robots: two soloists and a choir. For the sound recording, Jeron works with composers Robert Jähnert and Christian Rentschler. The stage design is a video projection of photos of the public domain that were found to the terms in the Libretto. The title of the project derives from the greek god Hermes - the patron of elocution. The conversations act as illustrations of everyday situations in terms of secrets, sex, guilt or betrayal. In the four acts, the artist stages the transcribed conversations and thus transforms random situations into an act of artistic practice.
Next to "Hermes", a performance of Terry Riley's "In C" will take place.

Eli Keszler und Ashley Paul
Composer/percussionist and multimedia artist Eli Keszler and multi-instrumentalist and composer Ashley Paul are widely known, especially in the States where they have established a solid reputation by now. On September 14th, they will be performing live at the House of Electronic Arts in Basel. Their work combines traditional sound sources such as piano strings, the saxophone, clarinet, vocals and the drums with unusual settings and performance practices. Part of their work for example includes strings picked by robot arms or playing various instruments simultaneously –displaying an unconventional extraordinary  sense of form, melody and energy streams. What results from this synergy is organic and progressive, eclectic and stringent, analog and digital at the same time.

Soult (Hula Honeys)
Soult has been active as DJ and producer for years, as Soult, Jinxx, Goh and Dubbling Crack Monster. Together with Nik! he forms the DJ-team The Dean Soniks.

Michel Morard approaches the world of electronic music cautiously and with respect towards his predecessors. His work as a producer and DJ is influenced by exchanges with his colleagues - from the Detroit Techno pioneers to the House icons of today.
This is the reason why his sets feature seldom heard depths, spiritual energy and emotional components that grip the listener. Morard manages to transmit the energy created with a synthesizer onto the dance floor.




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