Visitors during the Regional 20 Opening, Lukas Stäuble, 2019

Opening: Regionale 21 - Expanded Video Works

The HeK celebrates the opening of the Regionale 21 exhibition with free admission and guided tours with curator Boris Magrini.


28.11.2020, 11:00-20:00

Admission: free

Registration: Please register for the guided tours via the button "register"

Links: https://regionale.org/

Duration: 28.11.2020 - 03.01.2021

Dimension Émotionnelle, A Floating Notice, 2019, video still.

Regionale is a transnational exhibition project. At the end of each year, twenty institutions from Switzerland, Germany and France present artistic positions from the Basel region and the trinational area of north-western Switzerland, southern Baden and Alsace.

This year’s exhibition at HeK titled Regionale 21 - Expanded Video Works focuses on the artistic use of moving images and presents a selection of videos, films and animations. The innovative use of digital technologies, virtual reality, video games and multi-channel video characterises the work of this young generation of artists.

There will be four guided tours, during which curator Boris Magrini will accompany the audience through the exhibition and offer exciting insights into the works on display.

Guided tours:

Sa, 28.11.20, 1 pm

Sa, 28.11.20, 3 pm

Sa, 28.11.20, 5 pm

Sa, 28.11.20, 7 pm

Artists: Jésus s.Baptista, Dimension Émotionnelle, Paul Jacques Yves Guilbert, Pavle & Anuk Jovović, Oh Eun Lee, Johanna Mangold, Alexandra Navratil, Katrin Niedermeier, Lea Rüegg, Kevin Senant, Agathe Siffert

Curator: Boris Magrini

Opening: Regionale 21 - Expanded Video Works