Lawrence Lek, Farsight Freeport, 2019

Lawrence Lek: Farsight Freeport

We celebrate the opening of the new solo exhibition of London based artist and film maker Lawrence Lek. The evening will be accompanied by a DJ set Clifford Sage aka recsund.


Wed, 04.09.2019, 19:00

Admission: free

With Farsight Freeport, HeK (House of Electronic Arts Basel) presents the first solo exhibition in Switzerland of the British-Chinese artist Lawrence Lek. With his immersive, virtual worlds and electronic soundtracks, the London-based artist has developed an independent and unique visual language. Lek has created a very special scenario for the exhibition at HeK. Visitors are invited to enter a Gesamtkunstwerk that leads into the year 2065.

It is a time in which artificial intelligence (AI) dominates and controls all areas of social, industrial and economic life. The real architectural environment is imitated in the virtual worlds created by the artist. In this utopian scenario, in which HeK has been converted into a bonded warehouse, we encounter the artist's works again and immerse ourselves in his video installations, computer games and VR installations. Lek is deeply concerned with the interplay of politics, technology, and cultural production; his narratives reflect profoundly on the future of our society, for example on the automation of work through AI and its universal use in all sectors of our society.

Artist talk: Wednesday, 04.9.2019, 6pm

Opening: from 7pm

DJ set: Clifford Sage aka recsund, from 7 pm

Lawrence Lek: Farsight Freeport



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